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Our History

Our History

In 1941 a group of 23 individuals met in the Redmont Hotel to consider the need for and value of an organization in the building business to promote integrity, craftsmanship and industrial advancement. Ten days later, they voted unanimously to proceed and nominated a slate of officers for the Birmingham Chapter of the Home Builders Institute of America. Those elected were C.H. Chichester, Chairman; Everett Shepherd, Vice Chairman; Charles Byrd, Secretary; and Morey Hart, Executive Secretary.

The new organization immediately took up issues such as membership, professional image, material purchase prices and coordination of local, state and national efforts to improve the benefits of home ownership. Later that same year, foreseeing the need for representation in the nation’s capital, the Birmingham chapter and other members of the loose confederation of builder organizations agreed to fund an office in Washington, DC. Then, in 1942, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) was organized, with an initial membership of 250 builders in 13 affiliated chapters and Washington staff of two.

The Birmingham Association of Home Builders was subsequently granted its charter on August 1, 1944 with 30 members. The NAHB is now a federation of more than 800 state and local associations representing more than 140,000 members nationwide. Through the years, the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders has grown to be among the top five largest local associations with more than 1,200 members.

1942 Founding Members of GHAHB

GBAHB Charter Members - Front Row: Leo Mendel, Joe Hammond, Hames Sulzby, Jr., Jim Wood, Jr., Carl Groover, Earl Morgan, H.J. Tillia, William Knight, Middle Row: Sam Russell, Chester Counts, Jack Wainwright, William Harsh, Bill Fox, Raymond Srygley, Jack Rawls, Dave Anderson, Top Row: Charles Byrd, L.D. Stackhouse, Carson Inscho, Levert Andrews, Alex McLeod, Thurlow Guin, O.D. Dodd.

The GBAHB membership base focuses on advocacy and governmental affairs, communication to members, member services, community service and consumer guidance.

Mission Statement

GBAHB's mission is to advocate for the home building industry by promoting professionalism and developing community through quality-built homes.