Strategic Plan

Action Plan

Objectives and critical issues determine the Action Plan. Creating objectives provides the association with a visibal list of items to stay on target in order to fulfill approved long-term goals. When generating revenue, planning events, building membership, etc. we need to be able to look at the concrete Action Plan to ensure this association runs the course to meet end goals and to prevent non-goal-making items from getting in the way.


Membership Objectives

• Increase membership. Total annual membership goals (Builders and Associates):

2012    1085 (baseline)

2013    1135 4.6% increase

2018    1500 38% increase

• Significantly increase measurable membership participation/engagement in GBAHB events in 2013.


Resource Objectives

• Increase “Non Dues Revenue” in 2013 to exceed 2012 non-dues revenue (year-over-year) by 10%.

• By the end of 2016, increase net non-dues revenues by 100% over 2012 baseline levels.

• By 2018, increase net non-dues revenues to the level that they cover the cost of GBAHB’s annual general administrative expenses budget.

• Increase ABPAC funding by 10% in 2013.


Member Value Objectives

• Money in Members' Pockets:

• Develop new partnerships for discounted essential services to GBAHB members.

• Establish new programs to connect members directly with new customers.

• Educational Opportunities/Value for Members:

• Provide exceptional educational value in the areas of Designations & Credentials; Regulatory Compliance; Business Management; Professional Development & Motivation.

• Establish a communications strategy to help market the value of GBAHB education to consumers.

• Advocacy on Behalf of Members:

• Build on established political strength & relationships to create a robust & highly organized in-house political operation.

• Establish a written local issues platform for use in evaluating political candidates and elected officials’ performance.

• Establish a written policy outlining how GBAHB prioritizes campaign support and defines types/scale of support that are triggered at each priority level.

• Establish a process through which members submit regulatory obstacles they face in the field, and GBAHB advocates on their behalf.

• Networking Opportunities for Members:

• Provide diverse variety of business networking opportunities for members.

• Establish a process to gather feedback from members & evaluate networking value received from each event.

• Prioritize increased builder participation.

• Communication:

• Develop a process to communicate GBAHB advocacy priorities and success.

• Market builders’ participation in networking events to associate members.

• Using all necessary platforms, effectively communicate the Association WIFM to membership (“What’s In it For Me?”).


Critical Issues

• Improve methods and systems for member recruitment, development, and retention.

• Invest in and leverage technology to advance strategic priorities, and improve web, social media and other membership communications.

• Evaluate potential acquisition opportunities (example: investigate Birmingham Home & Garden Show dates, locations & competitive blackouts).

• Develop a plan to increase membership participation and engagement in all events, including Board Meetings.

• Develop a succession plan for key staff and volunteer leadership, to recruit and develop the best talent to serve as future leaders.

• Develop a plan to increase non-dues revenues.