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Welcome to the Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders (GBAHB)! Your decision to join the GBAHB has the potential to expand your customer base, increase your awareness of the home building industry and most importantly, improve your company’s bottom line.

As a member of one of the top five local home builders associations in the country you are truly a part of something special. Your home builders association continues to rise above the rest and this is demonstrated by numerous awards the GBAHB has received. In recent years, the Association has won the Home Builders Association of Alabama President’s Trophy eight times. The GBAHB has also received state and national accolades for providing exceptional value to members in the areas of:

• Advocacy & Governmental Affairs
• Public Relations
• Communication to Members
• Member Service
• Community Service

Look inside your Member Handbook:


This is to help you maximize value out of your GBAHB membership. We understand how overwhelming it can feel to be a new member to such a large organization. Even long-time members may need some help now and then. This book can serve as your “field guide” whether you are a new member or a long-time member looking for new ways to engage. Either way, this book provides the basic tools and information you’ll need to hit the ground running, and make the most of your membership investment.

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Providing the voice of the housing industry, advocating for quality-built homes and promoting the highest level of professionalism.


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